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Products available in the following volumes: 250 cc, 1 liter, 5 liter and 1,000 liter IBC

How is it applied? With ease!

How is KF used? Choose the most convenient and preferred way:

  1. Fertigation – “classic” irrigation. Using a watering bucket, mix water with KF in it, and pour it into the pot until it drains or onto plants in the soil.
  2. Spraying – preferably in the evening, or early morning hours, mix KF and water in a sprayer. Spray the leaves until full coverage is achieved and they look like they’ve “taken a shower”.
  3. Fertilizer dosing pump – if you have a fertilizer dosing pump at home, you most certainly know how to use it. If you have any questions, please contact us

Made in Israel, service in Israel

KF was developed and is manufactured by the Israeli company VGI in Israel. We are very proud to be an Israeli company supplying products worldwide, but especially proud to provide excellent service with a smile here at home, in Israel.

Not sure how to take care of your garden or houseplants?
Our team will be happy to advise, for free of course: 972-3-5407320

Simply natural

KF is a biostimulant containing extracts from seaweed and concentrates from various wild plants. These natural ingredients act on the plant roots during germination or spring awakening and assist in the development of strong and vital roots. Subsequently, these ingredients enable vigorous plant growth and intense flowering, as well as the development of strong and resilient plants. Consistent and continuous use of the product demonstrates the plants’ high resistance to disease and pests.
KF is made from natural ingredients only and is not harmful to humans, birds, insects, and animals.

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Farmers using the KF series of plant nourishment products testify that they see results in the field. The preparations assist in achieving improved and high-quality yields, while enhancing soil fertility and strengthening the metabolic processes occurring in the plant.


A beautiful, healthy, flourishing, and colorful garden is achieved through dedicated care and proper nourishment of the soil and plants. KF series biostimulants are suitable for use through both fertilizer pumps and spraying. The products are organic and non-toxic to children, pets, and the environment.


Unique nutrition products from the KF series are designed for use in stadiums, urban lawns, and private gardens. The biostimulants were developed to encourage activity and strengthen the root system, resulting in healthier, stronger, and greener grass.

Please be aware

VGI was recently informed of a Chinese imitation of the KF series fertilizer products.

How can you identify a legitimate product that is not an imitation and is not dangerous?

  1. VGI has no distributor in China at the moment.
  2. VGI products are sold by us on the company website https://vgi.co.il/
  3. They are also sold by suppliers. Proper VGI products will be packaged in packaging that includes our up-to-date logo.
  4. In any case of doubt and in particular before purchasing products abroad Israel, you can ask us and our excellent service representatives will answer you as soon as possible. We are always available by phone: +9723-5407320

We would like to emphasize that purchasing a counterfeit product is dangerous and may contain substances toxic to plants.

We will also emphasize that the VGI company does not have a representative in China.

Exercise discretion and take care of your plants